delDelvin Armstrong 2001Delvin Armstrong, the founder of Soft Lighting Systems, graduated from the University of Utah in 1963 with a bachelors degree in electrical engineering. Unsure of where his talents were best suited, he investigated many avenues and chose to take a position in one of the largest companies in America, Westinghouse. He was assigned to their lighting division as a salesperson. Del immediately recognized that lighting would be his life long passion.

Del Armstrong 2001 He excelled in his work and Westinghouse put him on the fast track to the top. This, however flattering, did not excite him as one would think. Instead, Del began to feel the confines of working for a large corporation and knew he had a decision to make. Continue with Westinghouse and conform to the rules or get out.

In 1969 Del decided to get out and start his own engineering firm, Armstrong Engineering. Within weeks after taking the biggest risk of his life the city of Seattle parks department asked Del to design the lighting for a new sports complex in the community. Having no prior experience in this particular arena, Del declined and referred the parks department to several other engineers in the area who may have had experience with similar jobs. A few weeks went by before Del received another call from the parks department. They could not find anyone with the know how to tackle their project. Del, trusting his creativity, decided to accept the project and in 6 months time the sports fields were in place. His lighting designs were an instant success.

Over the next 25 years Del's reputation grew and Armstrong Engineering became the most widely recognized name in sports lighting throughout the pacific northwest. They designed the lighting for over 750 sports facilities including the Kingdome and Key Arena, home of Seattle Supersonics. It was this vast experience coupled with Del's inherent need to challenge the status-quo that gave way to Soft Lighting Systems. He had dealt, time and time again, with the drawbacks of the conventional systems he was installing. He heard complaints from the neighbors that the lights were too bright and they were ruining the neighborhood. He also heard complaints from the players that the glare and the dead spots on the field were less than ideal.
torreyhillsTorrey Hills ParkTorrey Hills Park San Diego , Ca. Never satisfied with less than perfect Dell posed the following question to himself: "Why not completely abandon the conventional design and create a system employing full "cut-off" lighting?" In 1989, Del designed the first soft system, installed it, and wrote himself into the history of sports lighting with the first original design in over 40 years. The complaints from both the neighbors and players ceased.

Del Armstrong, single-handedly, re-defined the art of sports lighting. In the nine years since Soft Lighting Systems has raised the bar in the sports lighting industry by improving the quality of light on the field while dramatically reducing the light off the field. The conventional market has tried to adapt their systems to meet SLS's performance, but adaptation will never match design.

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