Advantages of Softlite lighting over conventional systems:

  • No Up-Light "Sky Glow" Pollution keeps the light on the ground instead of in the sky.
  • Radically reduced light "spill" minimizes the impact on neighbors as close as 100 feet.
  • Minimal glare enhances a player's visibility, creating a safe and comfortable atmosphere on the field
  • The unique mixture of 1000-watt high-pressure sodium and 1000-watt metal halide create a natural, warm, white light that creates a feeling of playing indoors.
  • The use of 1000-watt lamps allows for 5 times the amount of use before changing lamps when compared to a conventional 1500-watt lamp. This will greatly reduce maintenance costs.
  • The rectilinear "shoebox" fixtures provide an appealing, contemporary design when compared with other systems.
  • Our "No Aiming" fixtures guarantee that the positioning will never be skewed over time or during routine lamp replacement. This also translates into quicker installation and no surprising maintenance costs.
  • We apply a .85 field factor to initial readings to compensate for field dimming over time. Our lights will be as exceptional to play under in 30 years from installation as they are the day after installation.

Players and neighbors say: "Softlite is the only way to go!"

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